“Dear White People” Kills White People

Recently there was an announcement of a new Netflix production of a show called Dear White People based on the film of the same name. It is a sarcastic funny different perspective on what life looks like for black students in the world of college education. It offers a new standard of what is acceptable for white people to do or not do in order to understand and respect black people. For many of us white people this would be something we are doing for the very first time. However, there are some Americans (mostly on twitter it seems) who have said that this show will bring about “White Genocide” No I am not making this up. You can’t make shit like this up. Here is my response to those white American’s who are cancelling their Netflix subscription because they claim they are creating a show which will begin a white genocide. This is a bit of a rant so please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

Shhhh, nobody tell the white people cancelling their Netflix subscription over Dear White People that the show Empire is on Hulu. Now you gotta cancel that subscription too. Oh and stop listening to all songs with black singers and rappers because that’s how they are going to finance their “White Genocide.” Oh and Blackish, the award winning comedy is on ABC. So stop watching anything on ABC who also owns Disney. Damn it!! Didn’t see that one coming did ya? Gotta cancel that. Aw, that means no more cartoons for the kids. But saving their precious white lives is more important right #WhiteLivesMatter. So now you gotta stop paying to see Dory or Moana (She’s black) or Elsa or the new Cars 3 (McQueen’s tires are black), Oh ya did you know 45 of the 67 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots are Black? So that’s right you gotta STOP WATCHING the NFL. Cancel that NFL Season pass and Sunday ticket right away. No Super Bowl for you this year. And I won’t even tell you how many other NFL players are black. White people you could NOT handle it. Suffice it to say that you all have just become hockey fans. I don’t even have the heart to tell you 6 out of the 9 cast members on HBO’s Ballers are black so pick up the phone and tell HBO just how racist you are and how you won’t put up with all these blacks on TV and the internet threatening to kill you by being on TV and the internet. That’s right, you call and tell em you don’t care if you can’t watch Game of Thrones, Girls, True Detective, Insecure – wait, that’s an all black cast (mostly) too. Well there you go. The blacks ARE taking over and getting things set to launch their master plan, “White Genocide.” Call HBO, You tell em how you are cancelling your subscription and how obviously HBO now stands for HOME of the BLACK OVERLOARDS! Then fire up your internet browser and fire Amazon (Amazons: large black women who lived deep in the rainforests of Brazil) for Carrying “Being Mary Jane.” They have all 4 seasons. Starting this weekend better boycott Saturday Night Live and everything NBC too because you know 4 SNL cast members are black. It’s only a matter of time before the blacks rise up and start killing all the white people around them. We can only hope Alec Baldwin survives. Speaking of blacks killing people have you seen the way Michonne is threatening EVERY WHITE PERSON IN AMERICA with that sword?michonne_katana

And that other black guy (Morgan) with his staff and those other black people (Sasha and Gabriel oh and King Ezekiel) with their guns and fists and tigers and violence. This show (the walking dead) on AMC (which you now need to call and cancel as well) is just code for Blacks to say “White America your days are numbered. You are the Walking Dead”. The White Genocide is coming! So call and cancel, cancel it all. I’m not even gonna tell you what is happening on BET right this minute. What’s the point anyway if we (white people) are all gonna die? But as a last ditch effort, Call your congressmen, call your representatives and let em know. White Genocide is a comin! Beg them to protect you if they can. Call the police to protect you – except the black ones of course ‘cause they’ll kill ya. Call the National Guard but not those who are darker than a paper bag, cause they’ll kill ya. Call the armed forces, except those servicemen and women who had grandparents who were slaves cause they’ll kill ya! Call the president! Wait don’t call the president, he just tweeted @realDonaldTrump “White people are being treated so unfairly by Netflix. Just cancelled White House Netflix account, Will not support White Genocide, Complete disaster. Black people prepare for nuclear war” So now white people run into the streets screaming to the world “The White Genocide is coming. Start hoarding Mayonnaise, Boxed wine, Tater Tots, Apple Juice and Caviar. This is the end for us all!”


Ok, I am catching my breath and have calmed down a little. Now I know enough white people and I can confirm a few things. They like to believe they are the best at anything they do. In this case I can say they are right. I have never seen such an epic level overreaction at such a completely asinine level before. Congratulations White people this has got to be the best dumbest racist bullshit ever. And one last thing, If you think a black female co-ed like the one from Dear White People is on her way to your house to kill you because she schooled you on what it means to be black, you are the kind of pussy (sorry ladies) only trump will grab.


Mic Dropped


The Truth Isn’t Free… but I’m lying

The truth is closer than you think

If you are a complete idiot then you are reading the right blog. I have countless examples of myself and those I surround myself with acting pretty stupid. We’re not proud of it but we often seem helpless to prevent the inevitable repeat of that dumbass thing we did last time from happening again. And even though I am not that smart I have been thinking. Yes that’s right me… thinking.

Guy from the back of the room: “Yah, MickGee your brain is like an egg… on drugs… or something like that. (looks a little embarrassed then yells) IDIOT!

Me: Okay ‘guy’ clearly you are in the right place reading this post.”

Guy: I don’t read MickGee so shut it!

Me: Uh… Guy you might want to… you know what, never mind.

So I think I might have figured out the problem… maybe. Read on and let me know if this ever happens in your world and if you think I might be on to something. When something goes wrong… you know you forget to feed your neighbor’s cat and it dies while they are on vacation. Or you are at work and totally forget to order that thing that everyone is waiting for to finish the project. Maybe it was that you were house sitting and forgot to set the alarm when you went out one night to party with your friends and when you came back the place got hit and cleaned out by thieves. You know the kind of stuff that we all do but never want anyone else to EVER find out about.

What do you do when these things happen? Deny it right? Why on earth would you admit it? That would be downright stupid? Well rather than live in denial or try and blame the annoying neighbor kid who is always hanging around. What if people… and I mean people other than me of course… simply owned up to it and said, “I DID IT”, accepted responsibility and moved on.

Guy: MickGee you are dumber than a crack addict at a plumbers convention. You NEVER admit you did anything. If there is one thing I learned from prison that was it.

Me: Thanks ‘Guy’ for that insightful piece of (ahem) wisdom…?

Guy: MickGee you are such a tool

So the only reason I think we should just man up and say what actually happen is this. I don’t know about you but I want to be free. And the way I used to do things, by never admitting who was at fault for anything, never really solved the problem and in fact it made it so the person who did it never had a chance to learn from his/her mistake. Knowing the Truth can be a powerful thing especially when we are surrounded by so much information that is often highly suspect. Someone famous once said, “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” I have come to believe this guy might have actually been right.

But what do you think?