We Are At War With America

I am angry and in love. I am happy and frustrated. I am thinking of violence while demanding peace. I can argue with myself I am so conflicted about so many things. But through these debates within myself and others a singular view starts to emerge. It offers a clearer view as I wash the tears from my face. When I can catch my breath from the wind being knocked out of me by the stories I hear from all areas of my nation. Once I regain a moment of composure I am reminded of who I am or at least who I aspire to be.

And even though Congress has not met, the Joint Chiefs have not convened and the Commander in Chief has issued not proclamation. We are at war. It is a war waged apparently ON America BY America. Sounds insane I know. Some would say then that this must be a civil war then. And I would say you may be right but there is nothing civil about it. A civil war would have two sides each struggling to make the other submit. This is not that war. We did that already. This war is fought in coffee houses, and class rooms and apartments, on sidewalks and at protests outside conventions and of course on social media and in the “NEWS”

We are at war with each other. If America has enemies in the world today all they need to do is sit back and watch us tear at each other. Destroying what good things we have. Like liberty or the freedom to choose to do good for each other. Our enemies can sit back and bide their time. Because we are doing their job for them. We can’t let this happen and yet many of us are not only letting it happen but participating, even though we would not likely acknowledge that we are in a war. “America is gonna be great again” some might say. I could argue America is already great and anyone who says otherwise might not appreciate what we have going on here. That is to say, what the great American experiment has the possibility of achieving. Only time will tell on that one. But it’s not looking so good today.

We are at war and I want the whole damn country to know that I am a Conscientious Objector. I will have nothing to do with the dehumanizing of the ‘enemy’ so we can be motivated to destroy them. Them being my fellow Americans. I will take no life, I will assault no person or persons because of the freedoms they express in their beliefs, attitudes or behaviors and convictions. I WILL defend EVERYONE’S right to be here. Especially those who are here for reasons we cannot understand. Who wanted more than anything to chase the same American Dream we all say we want but just can’t seem to see it when someone struggling to survive says that their American Dream has become an American Nightmare. Well WAR IS HELL and some have been in the trenches a long time. Lately however it appears that battle has become more heated and we (All of us, from all sides) are struggling and attacking and killing more of our own than ever before. We say but we haven’t killed anyone. Maybe some of us haven’t but we also refuse to defend them, we refuse to stand up and protect those who deserve our protection. We have become cowards. We are now weak and afraid. That is not the America I believe in. We have got to do better. We have got to BE BETTER than our worst emotion, We have got to be smarter than to be reacting from being “triggered” by something someone says who disagrees with us. We have to learn that different is not always dangerous just likely misunderstood.

I hope that this war can one day come to an end and we can get back to the ideals of an America we all are proud of. Yes we disagree, yes we have troubles but we struggle together to move beyond them. I said TOGETHER. We have to stop being at each other’s throats or all we will have is more blood. Do we really want to silence the opposition? So only one side is heard? Do we really want to remove the checks and balances that are designed to keep us from going too far off track? Do we want to place so much hope in a few individuals to lead us to better days or do we want to KNOW that it is only together, each one of us doing are part, that our nation is better of all of us.

Listen, America is not easy, in fact most days it is pretty damn hard especially with people who disagree with you shouting their loudest in your ears. So let’s get serious. Let’s work it backwards. What kind of a country do you really want? And be careful here. Remember, limited rights and freedoms eventually mean limited rights and freedoms for EVERYONE. Remember those one time war taxes? We all know where that got us.  If we want a country where freedom rings in the streets and there is the kind of opportunity that has made us the envy of the free world then we have got remember who we are. WE are Americans and we have got some shaping up to do.

As an conscientious objector, opposed to this war, I propose an immediate cease fire and talks, focused on negotiating how we can bring peace to our people fighting this modern social ‘civil war.” The casualties are adding up by the moment and eventually the cost may be greater than America can withstand.