If you are unemployable like I am. That is to say you suffer from a fatigue which says that the longer you are out of work the harder it is for you to want to go through the want ads and tweak your resume again or customize another cover letter, so you just become jaded and talk yourself out of even applying for some jobs at all. Then you will appreciate my latest discovery. And if you have a job then good for you.

As I took a dive back into the wild west of on line job market the other day I discovered something which suddenly has taken on a new significance. Don’t you hate it when you are reading through a want ad and under compensation or pay are these three letters; DOE? Me too. But because I want to be good at my job, and today that is looking for a job, I did a little research to be sure I know what DOE really means. And that means it was time to wrap my fingers around my favorite device and google it. Wait that didn’t sound quite right. You see, THIS is why my cover letters are NOT getting me those job interviews!

So google returned three responses which were expected. First, DOE = Department of Energy. I was directed to the government page simply called and read the banner at the top which at first didn’t make much sense “The Future of Cool” I laughed out loud (lol) and thought, “come on guys, is coming up with catchy air conditioning slogans going to bring you from engineering nerds into the summer party animals you wish you were in high school. Sorry but no.” So I moved on to the next entry


Next was not from the Federal Government but instead from our friends form the great state of New York. Here DOE = Department Of Education (For the State of New York) I was directed to their webpage where the first item said “Wake Up To The Morning Bell” This idea may have triggered some childhood trauma in me as my stomach twisted and my heart raced as I recalled the sound of that school bell telling me I was late. LATE for class again! This is NOT how I want to wake up – with a reminder first thing in the morning that I am child again and already late before I even get started. No thank you. So I quickly moved down the page to what I knew I would get to see next


Doe = Female Deer. And my result was “images for DOE” and I spent the next few minutes reliving my Disney experience of watching Bambi. I scrolled through pages and pages of Deer photos with both Doe and Fawn. Aww they are so cute. See?


When I stopped crying after remembering that they SHOT Bambi’s mother (a DOE) I was immediately returned to the stark reality that has become my life and in many ways our culture of the moment (at least that is what I am calling it)

As I considered DOE on all those job listings (DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE), it dawned on me that this may well be the acronym we have all been waiting for in our conversations about almost everything these days.

Some people say “It’s wrong for people to not stand for the National Anthem and salute the flag.” If they are a military family or a first responder or an extreme conservative Depending On Experience (DOE) this makes perfect sense. Some say, “Until the violence against blacks in our country and social injustice ends I can’t stand for the anthem or the flag” To them who see black people on TV in the news but only when they are being shot by the police THIS makes perfect sense, Depending On Experience (DOE).


Some might accuse “Why do black people have to make everything about race?” Well, Depending On Experience for black people everything IS about race but they didn’t make it that way did they? Ever wonder if you didn’t get that job because of the color of your skin? Wonder why you got pulled over in that white affluent neighborhood? Wonder why someone said to you “You probably voted for Barack Obama just because he’s black?” Me neither and I am white so Depending On Experience…


Others have said “I don’t have white privilege, Stop saying that I do” Many people want to deny the very idea of white privilege because Depending On Experience they can’t see it. Others would say “As long as white people keep denying their privilege white officers with badges and guns and institutional power on their side will continue killing blacks with impunity” These opinions are not invented but only make sense Depending On Experience.


You might be a racist if Depending On Experience you have ever heard yourself or your friends saying these things; “Racism ended in the 1960’s. Stop making such a big deal out of nothing.” “I’m clutching my purse or wallet when you walk past, because I think you might steal from me” “It’s not fair that you all can say the n-word, but we can’t” By the way, on the n-word issue, whites have said it for 100’s of years and frankly we’ve worn it out. You might be a racist DOE when you say “If black men don’t want to get stopped by police, why don’t they stop dressing that way?” which is like saying “If white hedge fund managers don’t want to be indicted why don’t they stop wearing $5,000 suits and driving Maserati’s?”


What this all comes down to is people are so stuck on their opinion which is based exclusively Depending On Experience (DOE). We can’t take on the opinions of others because we do not share that experience. But you know what, we are not merely animals but Homo Sapiens and as such have the ability to transcend our own experience and use empathy and even reason to see an issue from a prospective not our own. You CAN do that can’t you or should I refer to many blogs, posts, comments, videos and memes I see on social media that show me Depending On Experience how many of you are TROLLS and have no ability or desire to get along with anyone else in the world and that’s why you ARE utterly alone and maybe you should be for the sake of the rest of us.

We CAN do better than this. We WILL do better. We HAVE to be better than this in order for the great experiment that America is to work. And even apart form that for us as people to be able to say about ourselves that we are good and that we can live in peace and that we can pursue dreams, and strive for more than we are and that we can all find happiness. Depending On Experience we all have some pain and grief, but instead of taking it out on “others” isn’t it time that we own our pain and admit our mistake, grapple with it, seek forgiveness for it, try and repay for damage done and repair the broken relationships or better yet forge a new relationship where there has never been one before.

Diverse Group of People Holding a Sign - Isolated

Bottom line here is this. We may not need BLM or ALM or DOJ or even POTUS to help us sort this one out. DOE we need to realize that there are so many people who, any job interviewer will tell you, come from very different life experiences with unique perspectives, insights and understandings of the world they live in. We need to remember when someone doesn’t seem to agree with your perspective or doesn’t seem to GET IT that it’s not because you are right and they are wrong. They GET IT just fine DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE. #DOE



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