Fighting to Forgive


In the short time we will spend together today my docile democratic delightful decryptionists, I would like to talk about a cause almost no one is fighting for.  Forgiveness. When you look around there are no strong figures, leaders, orators, celebrities, athletes, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers… or other brothers or even religious people fighting for the cause of forgiveness. Why is that I wonder? Don’t you?Well I think I might know why. I watched the news last night. And I don’t mean 1 channel for 30 minutes. I mean I surfed all the many satellite channels and got a cross section of news from China, the UK, the US. i looked at Financial News, Trend and Style News, Technology News and even Celebrity or Sensational news, which I found out is mostly rumor. Who knew? As I watched I noticed there were a couple of themes that seemed to be consistent in all the stories. Tell me if you observe the same.

1) A focus on the self – never on the greater good. (a.k.a. what’s in it for me?)

2) A cry for justice, fairness and equity for a wrong done. (Life’s gotta be fair right?)

3) Clearly defined judgments, consequences, and punishment for all wrongs done. (you’re gonna pay!)

4) A preoccupation with the legal system and litigating everyone. (I’ll sue your ass!)

What I did not hear, even once in the context of any of these stories, was a peep about forgiveness. In fact I didn’t hear it in any of the commercials running between the stories. The one thing missing was what do we do when life stops making sense and there is no one to sue today? How do we move past atrocities and accidents and natural disasters? After we have blamed the killer or the thief or God, how do we move forward in our lives? You know… in our hearts and minds, you remember those right? Yah, those two critical things we use to live and love. Seems that instead of using our heart or better thinking we have decided that if the world is not going my way I’ll simply do 1 of 3 things.

1) Find someone else to blame (what could be more important, right?)

2) Sue someone… (‘cause someone has got to pay for “fill in the blank”)

3)  Act out in anger (and criticize, demean, destroy, annihilate, back stab, etc.)

We seem to have all these hateful, vengeful things locked down like we went away for a summer to a camp that specialized in teaching us all to do ONLY these things.

I want to know. Where are the people who say that everyone gets a second chance? Where are the people who understand that forgiving someone is often the only good that comes out of a bad situation? When will there be someone in the news who says that the injustice of this offence was overwhelming and the person who did it deserves punishment, BUT because I understand that the only way we can see our way forward to a peaceful society is if someone grows a pair (yes I am talking about testicles – so sue me!) and says “I forgive you” for the horrible thing you did.

With all this in mind I would like to ask all of us? What are we fighting for?


7 thoughts on “Fighting to Forgive

    1. Thanks for the comment Kurt. I wonder if we need to fight for ourselves or if we need to fight for each other. I guess it depends on why you do what you do and who you do it for. I suggest that if we were more concerned with others our world could become a better place.

      1. Oh, I absolutely agree with you that that’s the way things should be. But as long as there are any selfish people out there, it won’t work. If there’s even just a few intent on taking what’s not theirs, there can be no peace.
        Again, I see your point, I’m on your side, but it’ll never come to pass.

  1. Very interesting -thanks again for sharing your view. I suppose if we look at things on a worldwide or large scale you have a strong pont. But I wonder about each of us personally. Can we have peace in our own life and with the relationships that surrond us? If there is just one selfish person does that truly kill it for the rest of us? Where is our hope if this is true?

  2. what are WE fighting for? not sure on that one–but i might assume, power.
    what am I fighting for? i am not fighting…but on a pursuit of happiness….of love…and of light. what we all need is more compassion & empathy.

    1. Thank you for commenting mooncherry. I wonder if you would say that if we were more compasionate and empathitic that we would be more forgiving? Because I would agree.

      1. yes, sir! if we all were more compassionate and empathetic; we could…in turn be more forgiving. it really is a matter of having and holding complete love and acceptance of others……..which at times is more challenging than it seems….but a fine and desirable place nonetheless.

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