It’s not that strange… is it?

I enjoy the unusual, the oddity, the unexplained. Sometimes life seems most interesting and exciting when you can’t explain what you are experiencing. Today I offer us a chance to first use our eyes and then our minds to marvel at the strange things I have discovered on the internet. Come with me now if you will into a world of wonder and complete stupidity.

First we visit a well known literary and film figure, Voldemort. I believe we have a rare look at his infant child. Don’t ask who the mother is. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Ok I’ll give you a hint. Her last name starts with Kardashian.

Now let’s see what the Voldemort family cat thinks of the new bundle of joy

Next we hear from our friends over in Thailand to see what strange and amazing creatures they have discovered this week. See if you know what the heck this is And I don’t think you put it on your salad:

Or which alien autopsy special they stole this from

Next we travel to Russia where the 7th grade science fair is marveling over its latest entry. The four hoe spider tractor?

Then we are on to Scandinavia where some people are finding new ways to help the economy and at the same time create some competition for IKEA. Let thePEOPLE be the furniture. Hey don’t knock it. The furniture assembles itself! On the other hand it can be hell to clean…

Then we are back in the US where the debate of who can marry still rages on. However with this new ring getting divorced is a lot more painful than before.

Also from the US is the love of a boy and his dog… gone completely wrong! Just the fact that they posed for this photo gives me chills. Can anyone say “sweater fail?” Hey ladies hurry, he’s still single, but not for long…

This next photo shows a cautionary tale. This is what happened when the octo-mom went in for artificial insemination again. What she didn’t know was that Hagrid was the sperm donor. Hello little Hagrid. Coo-chi Coo-chi Coo – Holy crap who’s going to change that diaper?

Rubeus Hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally we travel to Ecuador (or southern California)  where I want you to meet one of my very favorite insects in the world. Here is a truly fearless creature that attacks and subdues tarantulas. Meet TARANTULA HAWK! (a.k.a. pepsis wasp)

I hope you have enjoyed this fascinating journey around the globe to see some of the worlds marvels. Which of these photos are real and which ones could be fake? I aint tellin’. that’s all part of the mystery.


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