All you need is WORK

Love and Skyscrapers. Who knew?

Does your work suck sometimes? Did it suck today? Does your boss suck? Does that guy in the next cubicle suck? Do your customers suck? Do your policies and work rules suck? At some point most of us have answered yes to most of these questions, feeling like our work-a-day world simply put… sucks.

I admit there are days when I answer yes to these questions. I have to confess that I think ultimately that this is a cop out. I don’t want to think of all the things that are wrong with the place I work or the people I work with. I would rather do something I love, at a place I love, with people I love. If this doesn’t describe your workplace I am here to tell you that there is something you can do about it. But you might not want to. Why? The reason is simple. Most people find is easier to complain than to actually try and make things better for everyone.

I have had numerous conversations with coworkers over the years and form time to time I would bring forward this idea. I would say clearly and emphatically, “We need more LOVE in the workplace.” And almost every time I have said this people laugh out loud. What a completely ludicrous idea they say. Love, in the workplace? What are you a complete idiot? This is B U S I N E S S.  You can’t have love in the business world… well at least not the kind that doesn’t involve a call to human resources and an unpaid leave and 6 weeks of sensitivity training!

But I would persist and try to make my case. You see I believe LOVE is exactly what business needs. Real love is there during the good times and the bad times. So when you get the sale people love you. Easy right? But what about when you’re late with the presentation and someone has to punt? Is there love then? Usually not. But don’t forget that love is only real when you can offer it to someone who seems the least deserving of it. Ah, you forgot that part didn’t you? So, when your coworker has flubbed it up again and is getting reamed by your boss, take the guy out to lunch and if he just needs support encourage him. Put some belief into him. If he is a slacker, tell him and say if he doesn’t get his act together he might not be around much longer. You know, tough love. Maybe you even gain a friend and find a supporter who is there when you screw up. And believe me mister, you screw up a lot! It is good to have these positive alliances at work so no matter what happens you can weather the storms as you each have someone to lean on. Let me tell you, this makes the work day pass more pleasantly. And it helps to diffuse a ton of conflict.

So Go ahead and give it a try. Give someone an unsolicited compliment about something they do well. And then be on the lookout for people who are having a bad day and then do your part to show them a little love. Because if one thing is still true, for love to succeed you’ve got to WORK at it!


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