The Truth Isn’t Free… but I’m lying

The truth is closer than you think

If you are a complete idiot then you are reading the right blog. I have countless examples of myself and those I surround myself with acting pretty stupid. We’re not proud of it but we often seem helpless to prevent the inevitable repeat of that dumbass thing we did last time from happening again. And even though I am not that smart I have been thinking. Yes that’s right me… thinking.

Guy from the back of the room: “Yah, MickGee your brain is like an egg… on drugs… or something like that. (looks a little embarrassed then yells) IDIOT!

Me: Okay ‘guy’ clearly you are in the right place reading this post.”

Guy: I don’t read MickGee so shut it!

Me: Uh… Guy you might want to… you know what, never mind.

So I think I might have figured out the problem… maybe. Read on and let me know if this ever happens in your world and if you think I might be on to something. When something goes wrong… you know you forget to feed your neighbor’s cat and it dies while they are on vacation. Or you are at work and totally forget to order that thing that everyone is waiting for to finish the project. Maybe it was that you were house sitting and forgot to set the alarm when you went out one night to party with your friends and when you came back the place got hit and cleaned out by thieves. You know the kind of stuff that we all do but never want anyone else to EVER find out about.

What do you do when these things happen? Deny it right? Why on earth would you admit it? That would be downright stupid? Well rather than live in denial or try and blame the annoying neighbor kid who is always hanging around. What if people… and I mean people other than me of course… simply owned up to it and said, “I DID IT”, accepted responsibility and moved on.

Guy: MickGee you are dumber than a crack addict at a plumbers convention. You NEVER admit you did anything. If there is one thing I learned from prison that was it.

Me: Thanks ‘Guy’ for that insightful piece of (ahem) wisdom…?

Guy: MickGee you are such a tool

So the only reason I think we should just man up and say what actually happen is this. I don’t know about you but I want to be free. And the way I used to do things, by never admitting who was at fault for anything, never really solved the problem and in fact it made it so the person who did it never had a chance to learn from his/her mistake. Knowing the Truth can be a powerful thing especially when we are surrounded by so much information that is often highly suspect. Someone famous once said, “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” I have come to believe this guy might have actually been right.

But what do you think?


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